Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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I think it's time to see what some of our authors are up to, don't you? The Cozy Times has sources everywhere, and here's what they found this week!
(All accounts listed below are fictional and just for fun)

Author News

Author Eleanor Cawood Jones has been keeping busy with writing, and attending events, but she sure has been missing going to yard sales with friend Sherry Harris. 

Word got back to The Cozy Times that Ms. Jones caused a bit of a disturbance when she returned to the home of yard sale she had attended in the summer of 2016. Says Mrs. Rufus Scattney, "There was a loud bangin' on my door. Well, we'd just sat down for our supper, so we didn't get up. Thought they'd just go away, ya know? But no! Don't you know they started bangin' louder, and then there was this lady a shoutin'. 'Hey in there! I'm Ellie. I was at your yard sale in August. I just want to come in and see what other stuff you have!' We told her to go away, but she just kept on a shoutin'. So, my husband Rufus, he opened the door and handed her a box with a broken can opener, a stuffed bear that our dog had chewed on, and some of them plastic buildin' block toys. She quieted down, took the box and ran to her car happy as could be. I ain't never seen nothin' like it". 

It sounds like Spring can't get here soon enough for this yard sale loving author. 
Bar Harbor, Maine resident, Holly Copp Simason, the sister half of the writing team that is Lee Hollis, was spotted out Friday night at the local bar, Drinks Like A Fish. Seems like Ms. Simason was in a tight huddle with three regulars later identified as, Hayley Powell from the Island Times, Liddy Crawford real estate agent extraordinaire, and local lobster woman, and mother of so many children we have lost count, Mona Barnes. 

The Cozy Times tried to find out what the four were in such a secret huddle about, but no one could hear anything more than clinking glasses, hushed whispers, giggling, and an occasional snort of loud laughter that appeared to be coming from Mrs. Barnes. We here at the Times are so curious, we tried bribing the owner of the bar for information. Sadly, we forgot to take into consideration that the owner of the bar is Ms. Powell's brother. As a result, we are no longer allowed in Drinks Like A Fish.

No worries readers, we'll get to the bottom of things, and share with you as soon as we do. 


Remember to keep your eyes peeled dear readers. You never know when one of your favorite authors may be visiting your hometown.


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  1. Funny, Lisa! :) Happy Wednesday, to you.

  2. great "news" Lisa; I needed the laughs today, so thank you so much.