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Book 15 in the Coffeehouse Mysteries
by Cleo Coyle

When the White House asks coffeehouse manager and master roaster Clare Cosi to consult on a Rose Garden Wedding, she uncovers long-simmering secrets that threaten to boil over...
Clare's Washington visit is off to a graceful start, when she lands a housesitting job in a Georgetown mansion and is invited to work on the Smithsonian's salute to coffee in America. Unfortunately, her new Village Blend DC is struggling--until its second floor Jazz Space attracts a high-profile fan in the daughter of the President. But as Clare's stock rises, she learns a stark lesson: Washington can be murder.
First a State Department employee suspiciously collapses in her coffeehouse. Then the President's daughter goes missing. After another deadly twist, Clare is on the run with her NYPD detective boyfriend. Branded an enemy of the state, she must uncover the truth before her life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness come to a bitter end.


Too many cups of coffee are bad for you, but there is no such thing as too many Coffeehouse Mysteries, as proven by this 15th book in the series!

If you have kept yourself from reading this series because you’re not a coffee drinker, don’t you dare wait another minute to start! I’m not a coffee drinker at all, and I adore this series. Sure, coffee plays a major role, however, the characters in this series are delightful, and the writing is first rate.

With the presidential elections here in the US quickly approaching, it couldn’t be a more perfect time for a Washington DC based mystery. But then, anytime is a great time for author Cleo Coyle’s Coffeehouse Mysteries.

Protagonist Clare Cosi is in DC to open her second Village Blend coffeehouse. It should have been just the normal worries and problems that occur when opening a new business. Come now, you didn’t think Cleo Coyle was going to let that happen did you? No way! With skilled and intelligent writing, the author takes us on an exciting journey as Clare is on the run to stay free while she tries to solve a mountain of problems that affects the presidential family itself! 

A full body blend of mystery and suspense/thriller, DEAD TO THE LAST DROP reads like a cozy mystery amped-up on espresso! This thrilling read is one of the best in the series, and had my excitement percolating with every turn of the page.

When you read your own copy, make sure to keep reading after the main story is done, or you’ll miss 65 pages of extras including, but not limited to, over 15 recipes!


Book 19 in the Scumble River Mysteries
by Denise Swanson

In the latest from the New York Times bestselling author of Murder of an Open Book, a school psychologist has her hands full after a school board sourpuss meets a bitter end...
With her morning sickness finally abated, Skye Denison-Boyd is ready to pounce on the pertinent problems she faces as Scumble River Elementary School’s psychologist. After trying almost every trick in the book to aid a handful of socially awkward fourth grade boys, Skye opts for the innovative approach of pet therapy with the assistance of the local vet, a Siberian husky, and a Maine coon cat.
Unfortunately, the first session only breeds disaster and draws the ire of cantankerous school board member Palmer Lynch. But Skye’s worry over the episode changes to dread after Lynch is found dead in his home with the therapy cat hidden in his garage. With a clowder of questions unleashed, Skye finds herself dealing with a killer who isn’t pussyfooting around…


They say cats have nine lives. Well, big deal kitties! Author Denise Swanson has given her Scumble River series nineteen!

We all know cozy mysteries mostly take place in quaint, small towns that just happen to have a worrying number of murders. While Scumble River is indeed a small town, when I read about it I feel it has a bit of a Harper Valley PTA feel to it (Wow, that really shows my age), rather than a Hallmark movie sort of place. This makes for a fun and different sort of feel.

MURDER OF A CRANKY CATNAPPER does not let Denise Swanson fans down. With the same crafty, cunning writing of the other books in this series, as well as her Devereaux’s Dime Store Mysteries, author Swanson takes readers on an exciting reading ride through the pages as we help lead character Skye Denison-Boyd look for answers in the death of school a board member.

Pick up a copy of MURDER OF A CRANKY CATNAPPER, stretch out in the sun, and paw your way through this purrfectly wonderful mystery.

Both of these great titles are now available!

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  1. Thanks, Lisa. Dead to the Last Drop is on my TBR list...just have some catching up to do. Happy Sunday, to you.

  2. Thanks for sharing your reviews, sounds like a couple of good books.

  3. A big (belated) thank you to you, Lisa K., for taking the time and effort to pen this wonderfully written review of our latest Coffeehouse Mystery. I read it aloud (with joy!) to my husband (and partner in crime writing), and he and I both agreed to send it to our publisher. Thank you also for the dedicated work you do to connect readers and writers. It's a beautiful thing you do, and we can't thank you enough for it!

    Warmest wishes always,
    ~ Cleo Coyle

    P.S. For anyone who would like a free Recipe Guide to DEAD TO THE LAST DROP, simply click here to print, save, or share it, and may you read (and eat) with joy!

    1. Wow Cleo! Thank you so much. I'm happy you liked the review, giddy and thrilled that you are sending it to your publisher! You've made my day. And thank you for writing such an amazing series!