Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Book 3 in the Pickled & Preserved Mysteries 
by Mary Ellen Hughes

The national bestselling author of License to Dill returns with a dilly of a pickle.
Piper Lamb has to take a break from jarring her delicious pickles and preserves to blow the lid off a poisoner....
Business is booming at Piper’s Picklings in Cloverdale, New York. But not all is sweet in the life of Piper’s number one customer and friend, local caterer Sugar Heywood. Sugar is dating wealthy realtor Jeremy Porter, but his family doesn’t approve. After their unscrupulous accountant finds some dirt on Sugar, the family quickly urges Jeremy to throw her out like rotten fruit.
Things are further spoiled after the accountant is found poisoned, and all evidence points to Sugar’s son, Zach. With the Porter family determined to avoid scandal, it won’t be easy for Piper to preserve Zach’s innocence. And after someone falls victim to a poisoned jar of some of her brandied cherries, Piper’s got a peck of trouble to deal with herself…


SCENE OF THE BRINE is the best thing since sliced bread and butter pickles!

Author Mary Ellen Hughes is such an amazing writer, and SCENE OF THE BRINE is proof to back up that statement. She knows exactly what cozy fans are looking for, and she delivers it time and time again. I wouldn’t have thought possible, but this installment is even better than the first two!

Stellar writing combined with a killer plot made this book impossible for me to put down. Once I started reading I was propelled into the storyline right alongside Piper Lamb, and the other fantastic characters that make up the wonderful town of Cloverdale, NY. It was an amazing ride straight through the exciting reveal!

When I read the first book in the Pickled and Preserved mysteries, THE PICKLED PIPER, I declared it one of my three most favorite mysteries of that year. Here I am a few years later, having just finished book three, and I have to say this series is still on my top favorites list!

Thank you, Ms. Hughes. SCENE OF THE BRINE left me pickled pink. ;-)

Make sure to check out the back of the book for some tasting canning recipes!

Available February 2, 2016

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  1. Thanks, Lisa..."pickled pink" it!

  2. Thanks again Lisa for another wonderful review. This one is on the TBR list and I can't wait to pick it up in early February.

  3. As I was standing there in the bookstore yesterday, I was thinking it was about time for a third book in the series! Thanks for letting me know it is coming soon!