Saturday, October 10, 2015

PICKIN' MURDER by Vicki Vass 

Book 2 in the Antique Hunters Mystery Series 
by Vicki Vass 

Antique hunters Anne Hillstrom and CC Muller witness the tragic death of rising country star Dave Southwell. The police determine Southwell's death is an accident. CC has her doubts, so when they are commissioned by a friend of Southwell's to hunt down musical antiques, they head to Nashville looking for clues. Along the way, both women meet men who make them question their present boyfriends, but new love gets put on the back burner when their snooping makes them a target for an unknown killer.


PICKIN’ MURDER, book two in the Antique Hunters Mystery series, is a treasure you are sure to value!

After reading the first book in this series, MURDER BY THE SPOONFUL, I’ve been anxiously waiting for another installment. PICKIN’ MURDER was well worth the wait and more!

Author Vicki Vass takes me back to the first mysteries I ever read…Nancy Drew. Spending time with the “Spoon Sisters”, Anne Hillstrom and CC Muller, is like being with adult Nancy and her BFF George. I get the same excitement and trill when reading their adventures.

It’s so very clear Ms. Vass does a lot of research for her books. Not only is her comprehension of antiques amazing, her knowledge of the many places traveled by her characters in this story is remarkable.

As for the murder mystery aspect of the story, the plot was intriguing and extremely well done. It contained several surprises, and had a reveal I never saw coming.

Make sure to check out the back of the book for some yummy recipes!


Book 6 in the Josephine Stuart Mystery series 
by Joyce Oroz

Mario Portello is run over by a black sedan while sitting at his desk at Ralph’s Roller Rink. Josephine Stuart happens to be painting a mural at the rink the day he is rubbed out, making her the only witness to the hit-and-run event. Everyone assumes it’s an accident caused by an octogenarian with bi-focal vision and a lead foot. From what Josephine saw, however; she believes the hit was intentionally carried out by a shrewd killer. The police are slow to believe her theory. Mario’s family and acquaintances did not like him, but Josephine must look beyond dislike and find someone with a real motive for murder.


Joyce Oroz is on a roll with the great series!

I’ve had ROLLER RUBOUT in my TBR for quite some time. I’m sad to say it slipped through the cracks. I’m so happy I finally read it. It’s a book I really enjoyed.

This is my first book by author Joyce Oroz but it won’t be my last. Her style of writing is clean and easy. Not cluttered with unnecessary wordage. The result made the story flow from one chapter to the next, until I found myself over half way through the book before I knew it.

Protagonist and series namesake, Josephine Stuart, and the cast of supporting characters are all really well developed and layered. They were a lot of fun to get to know.

The plot was wonderfully thought out. The way the victim in this murder mystery dies is one of the most original I’ve read in a long time. And the conclusion of the story was unexpected and exciting!

Joyce Oroz is just another example of the wonderful authors who publish through Cozy Cat Press.

Both of these great books are available through Amazon. 

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