Thursday, November 13, 2014


Ready to learn about a new old series?

Today's new, old series is 
The Sudoku Mystery series 
by author 
Kaye Morgan 

There are 6 books in this series

Maiden's Bay is a small, scenic town on the Oregon Coast where citizens get their number fix thanks to Liza Kelly-Sudoku Maven with the Oregon Daily. Her challenging puzzles sharpen the mind, and her deductive skills unravel even the most enigmatic clues.

Liza enters a Sudoku tournament in which her old friend and competitor turns up dead. Now, she must think outside the boxes to find a murderer.

Puzzle master Liza Kelly must sharpen her pencil-and her wits-to solve a calculated killing. Second in the Sudoku mystery series--from the author of Death by Sudoku. 

Taking on the role of publicist puts Liza in the center of the action on the production of the filmCounterfeit, where inflated egos and artistic temperaments clash both on set and off. But when one of the film's major players is found dead, Sudoku Maven Liza realizes that the numbers don't quite add up. Now it's up to her to investigate the cast and crew in order to determine just who wrote this death scene.

Sudoku puzzles included! 
Liza Kelly -- sudoku maven in the small coastal town of Maiden's Bay -- is conducting a class in the most unlikely of locales -- the minimum security wing of the Seacoast Correctional Facility. The students, with far too much time on their hands, are eager for the distraction. And some of them are extremely good at their lessons. Liza is sad to lose her best student, but thrilled that he's being released from prison...until his dead body turns up in her room at the local inn.


With murder and mayhem everywhere she turns, Sudoku maven Liza Kelly knows how the numbers feel-boxed in.

Liza is looking forward to the West Coast Sudoku Summit. But from the onset, contestants are being eliminated one by one, and not in the way that she planned-they're dropping dead. With more at stake here than just prize money, Liza must figure out the murderer's pattern, or she'll be the next one down.

The next installment in the exciting Sudoku mystery series featuring puzzle master Liza Kelly...

Original Sudoku puzzles included 

After spending her vacation hiding from the media, Liza returns to find that the town has put her in the running for mayor. She has a feeling that the neighboring county and its dirty political machine are involved. When she turns to an old classmate to find out, she discovers that he's been murdered. A closeted Sudoku fan, he's left behind puzzles that may have hidden clues to what finished him off and who is trying to run Liza into the ground

Small-town Sudoku expert Liza Kelly flies to Los Angeles to appear on TV. But when a celebrity is found dead, she has a far more serious puzzle to solve.

Maiden's Bay, Oregon, sudoku maven Liza Kelly finds herself in the spotlight as she's hired for celebrity week on the hit show D-Kodas. She's the sudoku expert creating puzzles for the celebrities to decode. But jetting to L.A. for more televised exposure is not her idea of fun. When the B-listers' supersized egos gather on set, Liza has more problems than any sudoku puzzle. Then an earthquake rocks the studio, and the cattiest of the celebs goes missing.

Have you read this series?

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Please continue reading for the solution to this week's Wednesday Whodunit.


Answer to Whodunit Wednesday


   The patrolman ushered the daughter and the younger son into the house, while Sherman stood on the brick path and smiled benignly at the victim's oldest child. 

   "Does your house have a fireplace, Jason?" 

   "As a matter of fact, it doesn't. But Jennifer's got one. And I think there's one in Gary's apartment."

   "Is that why you chose a poker as the murder weapon? We can trace where you bought it, you know."

   "What are you talking about?" Jason's voice rose in anger. "Are you accusing me of stabbing my father?"

   "I am. How do you know he was stabbed?"

   Jason stopped and looked confused. "The poker. You said he was killed with a poker."

   "That's right. And if I told a dozen people that a man had been killed with a poker, I expect the full dozen would assume he'd been hit---bludgeoned, if you will. It's by far the easier, more common way to use the instrument. And yet, you somehow knew he'd been stabbed."

That Sherman Holmes sure is one smart guy. 

Did you pick up on the clues?

Check back next week, when 
Whodunit Wednesday
will be hosted by author
Terrie Moran!


  1. Didn't get that WDW at all this week, Lisa. But still love trying to solve them.

  2. I vaguely remember this series but since I am not a numbers person, it was not on my TBR pile. Now, of course, if I see one I'll grab it!
    I still think all 3 kids were in on the plotting of this crime!

  3. Thanks, Lisa. I missed the stabbed clue, in this week's wonder I couldn't figure it out! :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hadn't heard of the Sudoku series. Although I do not do the sudoku puzzles, I very much am a numbers person. I am anxious now to try out this series.
    BTW, please keep doing the Whodunit posts. I have fun with them. And yes, I did solve who & the clue for yesterday.

  6. I'll have to check out this series. I just downloaded Sudoku to my Kindle Fire. Not that easy. Oh and I got the Wednesday Whodunit correct. Yay me!!

  7. I don't do Sudoku puzzles myself, but it's amazing the things I've learned from reading cozy mysteries!