Thursday, June 8, 2017

I'm excited to have author
Dianne Harman
back at the blog today!

Dianne is celebrating the release of 
Book 12 in the Cedar Bay Cove Cozy Mysteries 
with a

Seven time Amazon All Star author with her 12th book in the best selling Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery SeriesThe last thing Mike Reynolds needed in the final weeks leading up to his run for re-election as sheriff of Beaver County, Oregon, was to have his wife, Kelly, discover the body of a famous movie actress.

It didn't help that she'd died under suspicious circumstances from a fall off the cliff behind her home.Did she accidentally fall over it or was it murder? And if she was murdered, who did it?Was it her daughter who wanted her mother's money, so she could give it to the yoga guru she was studying with at his spartan retreat center located in the nearby forest? Or was it her gardener, who desperately needed money to deal with the terminal diagnosis his wife had been given by her doctor? Or could it have been the director of The Triangle, the movie she was about to film, because he was afraid she'd ruin his chances for an Oscar? What about the supporting actress who'd wanted to have the lead role in the movie? Or the screenwriter, who didn't understand why the movie star refused to read the changes he made to the script? Or even the star's ex-husband, furious with what she'd told a reporter about his acting ability?Join Kelly, Mike, their dogs, and a helpful neighbor by the name of Roger Babowal, as they try to find out what really happened on the cliff that night.



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I’ve missed several books in the Cedar Bay Cozy Mysteries since the last one I read (I have them, just haven’t had the chance to read them), but when MURDER & AND THE MOVIE STAR came out, it simply sounded too good to wait to read it. That being said, I had no problem jumping into the story and enjoying it without feeling lost from having missed the others.

Ms. Harman certainly knows how to write a mystery that draws you in. It amazes me that she can produce as many books as fast as she does, and keep her stories of such wonderful quality, but she does, and each new book is as good as, if not better than the one before. There are only a few author I know of who can do that.

I really enjoyed the way author Dianne Harman told MURDER & THE MOVIE STAR. She went back and forth to before the murder, and after. With each trip to before the murder another suspect, or motive would appear making it very hard to guess who the killer was. Harman really kept me on my toes all the way through.

Make sure to read the Epilogue of this book. I love the way it was written. It really put a wonderful finishing touch on this story.

If a wonderful mystery isn’t enough reason for you to get MURDER & THE MOVIE STAR (but I know it is), pick it up for the amazing recipes that are included! 

You can find a full list of Dianne's titles at . . . 

Good Luck!

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