Thursday, June 1, 2017

Kathi Daley 
has a new book!

You know what that means don't you? 


Kathi is celebrating the release of 
Book 6 in the Seacliff High Mysteries

Alyson is jogging along waters edge when the fog rolls in. She can feel someone watching her but no matter how hard she looks her shadow cannot be seen. When she witnesses a man pushing a woman off the cliff onto the rocks below, she calls the police only to learn that the body of the victim cannot be found. Alyson is certain that she actually did see the murder occur and cannot explain the missing victim so she launches into an investigation with the help of friends Mac and Trevor. Meanwhile the feeling of being watched intensifies. She is certain someone is watching her. When Chan warns her of danger in the shadows she knows deep in her gut that the men she is running from have found her. Find out what happens in this fast paced murder mystery with a surprising twist you won't see coming. 

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  1. It's amazing how many contests Kathy does. I keep buying her books because I know their great, but I haven't read any yet.

  2. Love this series, it's definitely not just for young adults!