Friday, October 10, 2014

Book 1
 in the Teapot Collector Mystery series
by Victoria Hamilton

Tucked away in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York is the charming town of Gracious Grove, where time moves slowly, gossip spreads quickly, and the scones are to die for…
When her fashionable Manhattan restaurant goes under, Sophie Taylor retreats to her grandmother’s cozy shop, Auntie Rose’s Victorian Teahouse, where serenity is steeped to perfection in one of her many antique teapots. The last thing Sophie expects is a bustling calendar of teahouse events, like her old friend Cissy Peterson’s upcoming bridal shower.
Not everyone is pleased with the bride-to-be’s choice of venue—like Cissy’s grandmother, who owns a competing establishment, La Belle Epoque, and has held a long-simmering grudge against Rose for stealing her beau sixty years ago. Tensions reach a boiling point when Cissy’s fiancĂ©’s mother dies while sampling scones at La Belle Epoque. Now, to help her friend, Sophie will have to bag a killer before more of the guest list becomes a hit list…

TEMPEST IN A TEAPOT was a good start for a new series. Amanda Copper a.k.a. Victoria Hamilton provides a delightful setting in Aunt Rose's Victorian Tea House, located in the small town of Gracious Grove, New York. (I was surprise that New York was used as the state due to the adorable tea house and a town named Gracious Grove just screaming to be set in the south) There are times that I wish paperbacks included pictures because I want to see every detail. However, with this story, Ms. Cooper did a great job with firing my imagination enough that my minds eye provided the pictures.

Ms. Cooper has a varied cast of characters for this cozy and I look forward to learning more about them in the next book. The mystery was well done. Not as much sleuthing as in some mysteries, but I was okay with that. I didn't know the killer until the reveal, and then it was glaringly clear to me. >head thwack, because I should have known<

If you like a light cozy (traditional) mystery....are you ready?...I'm going to say it....This one will be your cup of tea! ;-)

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  1. This one was already near the top of my TBR stack. Thanks for the review, now I've moved it up. Sounds like a good one.

  2. You asked us to let us know what we think and I think that I definitely should get this book. Cozy mysteries are my favorite to read, and not only have I collected bone China tea cups for MANY years, and gone to tea rooms as much as I can, this book sounds just like MY cup of tea, Lisa!!! I have read other books by this author under both names and have Liked every one of her books. What a beautiful lady she is too. Thank you for the information/review Lisa.

    1. Cynthia, thank you for your comment! I'm so happy you like. I have been wanting to collect tea cups, but with my cupcake collection, I just haven't got the room for both. I bet you have a beautiful collection!