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Whodunit Wednesday & Thursday
(Running this one for two days since I'm late getting it posted)

Do you like to solve mysteries?
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It's easy.
Read the following story and if you think you know
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   An inch of snow fell that evening, turning to crusty sleet that hardened and made everything beautiful and treacherous. When the skies cleared, Sherman went for stroll. 

   "What ho, Trent! A quiet night, eh?" Sherman waved to the uniformed guard hired to patrol the neighborhood. 

   "A little too quiet." Tom Trent was naturally suspicious and pessimistic, good traits for a neighborhood security guard. At the moment, he was scanning his flashlight beam across the suburban landscape. "Uh-oh." His light stopped on the side of the Warner family's home. 

   Sherman saw what he meant. The ladder that Bill Warner had used last fall to paint the house was now propped up against it, leading up to a second-story window. The flashlight beam scanned the rest of the house. Lights were on downstairs but not upstairs. The family had undoubtedly come home before the snowfall, since there were no footprints going up the walkway. But there were other footprints, a single set leading to the dry space under the eaves where the ladder was usually stored. The same prints led to where the ladder now stood, then retreated back to the sidewalk. 

   Trent checked out the ladder, stepping on the first rung and causing the wooden feet to crunch into the hardened snow. Without a word, the guard crossed to the front door, drew his revolver, and knocked. Sherman followed. 

   Amelia Warner answered the door. "Tom. Sherman. What's wrong?" 

   "Possible break-in," Trent replied, then asked a few questions. Amelia, Bill, and Frank, a visiting friend, had been home for about three hours. For the past hour, no one had gone upstairs. And no one had propped the ladder up against the house. 

   "Stay here," Trent ordered everyone. Then he tiptoed up the stairs and vanished around the corner. Two minutes later, he called out. "It all clear. Come on up."

   When Sherman, the Warners, and their house guest entered the master bedroom, they found the remains of a robbery. Drawers lay open; closets were in shambles. Bill and Amelia raced to check their valuables. Bill's wallet was gone. So were the rings and earrings from Amelia's jewelry box. 

   No one, it seems, had heard anything. "We were watching TV," Bill Warner said. "I went down to the basement during a commercial. I was looking for an old school yearbook to Frank. I couldn't find it." 

   "I went to the kitchen for snacks and drinks," Amelia reported. "I think I went twice, during two commercial breaks."

   "And I used the bathroom," said Frank. "Someone must have noticed the lights off upstairs and seen the ladder and just taken the opportunity. It wouldn't take long to grab the valuables. People always neglect to lock upstairs windows."

Amelia turned to Sherman. "You're always bragging about your great-great-grandfather. Why don't you put that genetic brilliance to a little use?" 

Who burgled the bedroom?

Bonus entry: 
How did Sherman solve the case?

The Whodunit Wednesday solution will be posted on tomorrow's blog after the Throwback Thursday feature.

Please, leave your guesses 
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  1. I have many of Carolyn's Books but a signed copy would always be welcome

  2. I don't think I've read any of Carolyn's books so to get an autographed one would be really cool!!

    And I just wanted to say that I'm loving this mystery blog post that you have started. Very Fun!

    Angie Young

  3. I enjoy these Wednesday puzzles-this one seemed easy so I'm positive I am dead wrong!!! Thanks for the fun!!

  4. Oh for heavens sake! Blogger ate my first TWO attempts to comment -- I'm only trying one more time & then giving up!!!!

    For the third time ---

    Thanks so much for these weekly puzzles, I really enjoy them!
    And I totally ADORE Carolyn Hart. I've read ALL of her books & anxiously awaiting the newest!

  5. (Was the third time the charm???) ;-)

    1. The third time was indeed the charm. Thank you for coming every week and taking part!

  6. I love trying to solve tne mystery. I'm usually wrong but awesome giveaway. Fingers crossed! :)

  7. Thanks for the giveaway-I knew I was wrong on the solution (boy, was I wrong!!) These are the best whodunits every week-I never guess the answer but they are fun to try & solve. I can't wait to see what great Carolyn Hart book I won!!