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Whodunit Wednesday 

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   Sergeant Wilson enjoyed an occasional breakfast with Sherman at the Baker Street Coffee Shop. What he didn't enjoy was the homicide calls that so often came right in the middle of the meal. He was just finishing his Belgian waffle with fruit when this morning's call took him to Gleason & Son Insurance, located on a lonely stretch of highway. As usual, Sherman tagged along. 

   A uniformed officer met them in the parking lot. "The victim is Gary Lovett," the officer told them. "A Gleason & Son employee. That's Neal Gleason and his sister, Patty Lovett. She's the victim's widow." He was pointing to an anxious-looking duo, both in their late twenties. "Mr. Gleason discovered the body at about 8:30 a.m."

   Neal Gleason stepped forward. His statement sounded rehearsed. "When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw Gary's car. Gary is often here early, though he's always gone before noon. If Gary wasn't Patty's husband, Dad would've fired him a long time ago. The front door was open. Right inside the door I saw him, like that."

   Wilson examined the body in the doorway. The man's head was a bloody mess, and it took the sergeant a while to realize that the rifle now bagged as evidence had been used as a blunt instrument, it's wooden stock having been slammed into his head like a baseball bat. The body was cold and rigor mortis had already come and gone. 

   "That's my husband's rifle," volunteered the widow. "He kept it here at the office. Last night at home, Gary got this phone call. He said he had to go to the office and that I should just go to bed. I thought he might be going to see another woman. This morning when I woke up he was still gone. So I went to find him. I must have arrived here just a minute after my brother did."

   "I think we should probably call Dad," Neal said.

   That call wouldn't be necessary, for at that exact moment, George Gleason was pulling into the parking lot. The burly insurance broker eased himself out of his Cadillac and wordlessly took in the scene, the body, the bagged rifle, and his two children. 

   Patty ran up to him. "Someone murdered Gary," she moaned. "The police suspect us, Neal and me."

   Neal hugged his daughter, exchanged glance with his son, then turned to face Sergeant Wilson. "I killed him," he said softly and simply. "I met him here last night and shot him, right in the head. My kids had nothing to do with it."

   As the uniform took Gleason's statement, Wilson stepped off to the side with Sherman. "You don't have to tell me," Wilson whispered. "I picked up that clue, too."

   "Perhaps, old man," Sherman said with a smile. "But did you pick up on the right clue?"

Who killed Gary Lovett?

Bonus Question
What clue points to the killer?

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  1. I have NO idea! :(

  2. These are getting tougher and tougher.

  3. I was very proud of myself. I'll even say I was pretty cocky when I went to look at the answer. I was that sure I had it right. I didn't. LOL Re-read it a couple of times. you have all day to try!