Thursday, February 20, 2020


Keto Made Easy

Simplify Your Keto Diet with 8 Weekly Meal Plans and 60 Delicious Recipes
by Aaron Day

Finally, a cookbook that takes the guesswork out of keto meal prep planning, with over 60 low-carb recipes and 8 easy-to-follow weekly meal plans!

Eating keto can be challenging, and cooking keto recipes that are satisfying can be even more challenging! You need to make sure you're eating enough fat to stay in ketosis, while still eating food that is satisfying. Weekly meal prep can help ensure that you stay in ketosis while still enjoying fresh, delicious, keto-friendly recipes that aren't the same every week. With Easy Keto Meal Prep, planning and preparing your weekly keto meals has never been easier!

Each recipe in Easy Keto Meal Prep includes specific macro ratios and detailed nutrition information to ensure you're always eating the right ratios to stay in ketosis. With over 60 delicious recipes, you'll enjoy a large variety of recipes and never grow tired of eating the same recipes again and again. Eight weekly meal plans offer a broad range of recipe combinations to ensure you'll never have to eat the same week of meals twice, and each prep plan includes detailed shopping lists, step-by-step prep day instructions, and handy equipment lists to help you prepare a week of meals in just a few hours. Also included is helpful guidance for eating keto and sticking with the diet, meal prepping like a pro, and safely storing your prepped meals.

I know what your thinking. 
Lisa just did a Keto cookbook a couple of weeks ago. 
Yes, I did. The first one I did a dear friend was kind enough to send me. 
She has lost mega pounds. 
She knows I struggle with my weight, and diets have never worked for me. 
So, I look at these books as suggestions for better choices for me. 
When I saw this one for easy prep, I had to check it out. 

I don't endorse Keto, I have yet to try Keto. But I thought the first book had amazing recipes anyone could enjoy, 
and I'm sharing this one because I thought ti was well done.
No worries. I'm not going to go all diet cookbooks on you. Not this girl.

While this book contains easy “Keto” meal preparations, this system can work for anyone who is wanting to plan and prep their meals for the coming week. Of course some things point specifically to Keto, but I find it to be adaptive for those dieting, or just eating healthier (which the recipes lean to), and to those looking for delicious meals.

You’ll find information on Keto of course. However, you will also find instructions on choosing meal prep containers, a shopping day planner, and safe reheating guideline. Each chapter takes you through a week of prep, with there being eight weeks in all. And important to me, there are color photos throughout the book.

Recipes? On yeah. EASY KETO MEAL PREP has the recipes. Check these out . . . Italian-Style Frittata, Broccoli Cheese Soup, Pancake with Strawberries and Cream, Beef Burger Wraps, Chili Con Carne, Pulled Pork with Creamy Slaw, Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Salad, Cheeseburger Breakfast Casserole, Eggroll in a Bowl, Chocolate Mason Jar Ice Cream, Cashew Chicken, and a lot more. See? You’re getting hungry aren’t you?

Author Aaron Day has created an easy to follow book, with clear and concise instructions. I’m happy I took a chance on, EASY KETO MEAL PREP.

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  1. Okay, Lisa, you got my attention. I need easy. I will, definitely, check this out. Happy Thursday! (Love your cute little picture at the top.)

  2. LOL! I'm happy, Pat. Like I said, no more diets for me, but Keto seems like a way to tasty healthy to more regular meals. Have a wonderful day!

  3. LOL Saw my picture back on the chef's wall did you? I am her inspiration! LOL