Saturday, February 3, 2018

Book 1 in the Half Reads Case Files Mysteries
by Bridget Tighe

"Get Booked" is the story of Megan McDougal, a passionate, quirky children’s librarian who has returned to her small home town in Montana after mysteriously becoming a soldier’s widow and single mother. She is finding new joy in life with family, and her hilariously likeable friends in the Half Reads Book Club. When Megan’s neighbor, a crazy cat lady, is murdered, this unlikely bunch of fun-loving readers jump at the opportunity for gossip and a good mystery. The generously vivacious Phyllis, an emergency services dispatcher, acts as the group’s link to law enforcement and no one knows more about what really goes on. The gallant and roguish Sergeant Tim Sayer has his eye on Megan, and not just because she is poking around for evidence and suspects, but is she ready? Or is the kind and quiet mailman Toby, more likely to be the one who delivers? Could raging Ralph Swenson have finally gone too far, offing his neighbor for letting her cats use his yard as a litterbox? What about the cat burglar who has been sneaking into homes and stealing without leaving a single mark or fingerprint? Then there’s the ex-boyfriend, Richard, seeking to reignite passions only to be spurned. The nephew living in the basement has been acting suspiciously, carrying needles, disappearing - could he have done her in when she tried to kick him out? Excitement and intrigue drive this eccentric book club to leave their comfort zone in search of the killer, and only their unique resourcefulness and peculiar perseverance get them clues, but everything is dead ends. Pressure mounts and the reality of danger is real, with a killer loose and the possibility that the illusive burglar is really the murderer searching for another victim.This story, set in rural Rutley, Montana,stands out from other cozy mysteries because it is sexy, thrilling, and hilarious with one unexpected twist after another.



A fun, and feisty debut. Author Bridget Tighe is a sassy new voice to the cozy genre. Never have I read such a unique, and quirky mystery.

GET BOOKED is far and away from a typical cozy mystery. With eclectic characters ranging from cheeky to abrupt, I never knew just what they would say or do next. One of my favorite lines was, “What kind of chitty chitty bang bang crap was this?” Seriously, I never knew what to expect. It led to some dropped mouthed, and laugh out loud moments for me. And the way protagonist Megan McDougal went about her sleuthing, with the help of her friends in the Half Reads Book Club, was at times comical, and sitcom worthy.   
A very fast moving read, I read GET BOOKED in just a few hours. It had a good mystery element going for it. One that really held my attention. And the reason for the murder? Well, it was enough to make this book reviewer gasp and almost drop my book. (You’ll understand why when you read it.) LOL

I look forward to more offerings from author Tighe.    

I'm a bit unsure as to which cover readers will receive. The white and pink appears on Amazon, and both covers appear on Goodreads. 
The photo from my review was an advance copy, and unlikely to be the final cover.


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