Saturday, July 1, 2017

As I said Thursday, a few of my FB friends have been sharing photos of yard sale and thrift store finds. And yesterday, I was helping my friend in her consignment consignment/antique shop look up prices on some items. (I fell in love with a cobalt blue crackle glass vase, and an orange/red crackle glass pitcher)

I had so much fun discovering the Bargain Hunters Mysteries that I featured this past Thursday, I went searching again, and found one that looks fun!

 My spotlight today is on the
by Elaine Flinn

Elizabeth Porter was a top-of-the-lineManhattan antiques dealer until her ex-husband and his lover's flagrantly criminal scam left her reputation in tatters. Now, using a new name, Molly Doyle, she's starting over a continent away in a rundown antiques shop in cozy Carmel, California. Molly is determined to make the best of it. But the early antiques bird sometimes gets more than the worm, and one prompt arrival places her at a murder site with a corpse in her arms. After she turns up at a second seemingly unrelated death, the abrasive new police chief considers Molly the prime suspect. Now the only way to clear her name is for Molly to find her own path to a killer, which will leave her either exonerated ... or dead.

The second page-turning instalment in the acclaimed mystery series featuring striking, sarcastic antique dealer Molly Doyle, set in picturesque Carmel, California.
Molly Doyle crossed a continent to escape trouble, but it's becoming increasingly dangerous to be in the antique business in her small adopted corner of California. The murder of a friend and fellow antiques dealer has shaken Molly to the core. And matters aren't helped any by the arrival of her deceitful, long-estranged sister-who sticks around only long enough to dump Molly's twelve-year-old niece before vanishing to parts unknown. Actually, young Emma is a bright spot in these dark days, since she's clever, endearing, and shows a natural aptitude for antiques work.
But the very unnatural death of yet another dealer-a rather shady one this time with possible ties to Molly's family-has the intrepid Ms. Doyle acting as sleuth once again.before a killer decides she's the next item to be taken out of circulation permanently.

The third page-turning installment in the acclaimed mystery series featuring striking, sarcastic antique dealer Molly Doyle, set in picturesque Carmel, California.
Mackie O'Brien, an accomplished Carmel artist, has recently returned from a painting retreat in France after learning her parents died in an auto accident. An only child, Mackie is the heir to the small but exclusive Inn her parents owned, along with their stunning Spanish style seaside villa, Casa Del Alegria. The O'Brien's were former Hollywood set designers and their home is filled to the rafters with antiques and movie memorabilia worth a fortune.
Distraught over her the death of her parents, Mackie decides not to live in the house as it's too full of memories. She calls upon Molly to create a register of the contents of the home for an estate sale. While cataloging the items, Molly discovers more than priceless antiques and movie memorabilia. The mummified body of Hillary Thornton, a local fledging actress last seen at the villa decades earlier greets Molly when she has a gigantic bibliotheque unbolted from a wall in the home.

Life is sweet for Molly Doyle. Treasured Antiques, the Carmel shop she manages, is doing well. Her niece, Emma, continues to enrich her life, and her relationship with the local police chief has reached an interesting plateau. Eager to try interior decoration, shes working with Carla, a scion of the prestigious Mattucci family, to redecorate the winerys public area. But Carlas unpleasant husband has other ideasand hes soon the latest murder case for Carmels police chief to solve. But the Monterey County Sheriff suspects Molly and her boyfriend. Molly tends to business when not chasing clues, and enlightens readers on tricks of the trade like auction protocols and pitfalls, period furnishing, and the feng shui of Chinese Foo Dogs, all the while trying to discover the provenance of the real killers.

A series of four, but I think they sound good! What do you think?

If you've read this series, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. 

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  1. Thanks, Lisa. More fun! Happy Saturday.

  2. Thanks for sharing your post Lisa.

  3. they ARE good! and i like how the people evolve in this series.