Thursday, October 7, 2021


What's Cooking?
Soup for you!


The Ultimate Soup Cookbook: Delicious-Home Made Soup Recipes Anyone Can Make Tonight
by Helen Simmington

It's almost a renowned food in the colder months, and with good reason. If they are made right, they can be absolutely beautiful! In this soup cookbook you will learn some of the best soup recipes that anyone can make, even if you are a beginner. All these recipes have a very short preparation time and you are guaranteed to find a soup recipe in here that you will love. Most people think that soups are just a liquid, but nothing could be further from the truth! This soup cookbook has soups that are chunky if you want chunky or smooth if you want smooth. Some have blended ingredients, some have vegetables or meat that sit in the broth. There is something in here for everyone. The recipes in this soup cookbook can cater to all different tastes and styles. There is even a cheeseburger soup recipe!



My review of this cookbook is short and not so sweet. I don’t like it. There mistakes in the ingredients of one (maybe others), there are no photos, and the author put nothing of herself into the book.

So, at first I thought, “Well, it’s a free eBook, what more did I expect?” Then I saw it is also in print for $11.99. Please, do NOT pay $11.99 for this book. Get it for free for Kindle if you’re curious. The recipes could give you some tasty ideas, but that’s about all.

Some of the soups are . . . Creamy Potato, Halloween Special Pumpkin, Taco Soup in a Crockpot, Turkey & Wild Rice, Chicken & Dumpling Crockpot Soup, Bean & Sausage, Black Bean & Salsa, Hungarian Mushroom, Almond Soup, Beetroot, and 17 more.

I don’t like to do negative reviews, but this one actually made me sad. It really, to me, hurts self-published authors reputations, and sales, when there’s a self-pub book like this out there.


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  1. Wow, that’s a shame! I would be very upset to pay $11.99 and get so little.
    Happy Thursday, Lisa.
    Pat T

    1. Hey, Pat! Isn't it? I mean, for no better than this book was, you and I could put one together and make a mint!

  2. Honest reviews are what the buying public needs. Thanks you for the heads up and hopefully saving lots of folks some money.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. Thanks, Kay. I hate having to leave a bad review. A lot of times, I just won't leave a review at all. But this was such a disappointment. As I just told Pat above, we could put together something amazing compared to this.

  3. Thank you for the honesty! You were honest w/o being hurtful or disrespectful!! You hopefully saved people a lot of money!