Monday, March 23, 2015


Do you like to solve puzzles?
Do you love to win prizes?
If you said yes to both questions,
you're in the right place! 

It's easy.
Below are five scrambled cozy mystery titles.
Unscramble the titles and enter your answers into 
the Rafflecopter form below.

The more titles you guess correctly, 
the more chances you have to win!

This week's Monday Mystery Mashup is being hosted  by author 
Julie Mulhern

Julie is giving away one eBook copy of  
Bok 1 in the Country Club Murders

Giveaway open to USA and Canada

Swimming into the lifeless body of her husband’s mistress tends to ruin a woman’s day, but becoming a murder suspect can ruin her whole life.
It’s 1974 and Ellison Russell’s life revolves around her daughter and her art. She’s long since stopped caring about her cheating husband, Henry, and the women with whom he entertains himself. That is, until she becomes a suspect in Madeline Harper’s death. The murder forces Ellison to confront her husband’s proclivities and his crimes—kinky sex, petty cruelties and blackmail.
As the body count approaches par on the seventh hole, Ellison knows she has to catch a killer. But with an interfering mother, an adoring father, a teenage daughter, and a cadre of well-meaning friends demanding her attention, can Ellison find the killer before he finds her?

“Part mystery, part women’s fiction, part poetry, Mulhern’s debut, The Deep End, will draw you in with the first sentence and entrance you until the last. An engaging whodunit that kept me guessing until the end!” - Tracy Weber, Author of the Downward Dog Mysteries
“Intriguing plots, fascinating characters. From the first page to the last, Julie’s mysteries grab the reader and don’t let up. When all is resolved and I read the last page, I wanted to read more.” – Sally Berneathy, USA Today Bestselling Author
Once in a while a book comes along that is just too perfect for words. This is that book. Its flawless! Full of twists and turns, suspense, humor, mystery, and a part that actually made my jaw drop. This book will be one of my "unforgettable" books, and I will have to buy a print copy just to keep on my shelf. I will read everything and anything Ms. Mulhern writes in the future! I cant wait for the next one!! - Dawn Frazier

Let's get to unmashing those cozy titles!

1. Teh Edad Ndo't Etg Uto Cumh 

2. A Aecdret Ohmers't Yda

3. Tnrmymioa Eolmdtnw 

4. Oresh Fo A Eftidefrn Elikrl

5. Eth Abklwosdco Afrm Nqueyir 

Please only leave your guesses 
through Rafflecopter

Author Julie Mulhern

Julie Mulhern is a Kansas City native who grew up on a steady diet of Agatha Christie. She spends her spare time whipping up gourmet meals for her family, working out at the gym and finding new ways to keep her house spotlessly clean--and she's got an active imagination. Truth is--she's an expert at calling for take-out, she grumbles about walking the dog and the dust bunnies under the bed have grown into dust lions. She is a 2014 Golden Heart® Finalist. The Deep End is her first mystery and is the winner of The Sheila Award.

Learn more about Julie!

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  1. Good morning, Lisa! My brain hasn't had enough coffee, to attempt the mashups, yet! :)

  2. I came back and found the contest ready. Thanks.

    1. B J, I'm happy you came back! I didn't know I had a Rafflecopter glitch until Julie noticed it.

  3. Hi Lisa! Hi Julie!

    1. Hi, Dawn! Thanks for stopping by!! Just so you know, I sent edits on Guaranteed to Bleed back to Henery, The wheels are turning for book two!

    2. Hi Dawn! >waving my hand really hard<

  4. Hello ladies: I love this contest and many times I don't get a chance to unscramble them until late at night or the next day, and by then it is too late, but today, I DID IT. One of these was tricky as it was not an author that I am familiar with, this not familiar with her books and their titles. But I finally asked my husband and he figured out the one last remaining scrambled word. Yeah. Now I will go prepare dinner (it is 7:00 p.m. and he is starving, but I HAD to figure these out first!!!!). I know, I know, addicted to books, AND contests. That is how much I would love to win this book!!!

    Thank you for making my brain work a bit harder today; I need that every day not just on Mondays but I am glad for this one time a week for sure.

    Can't wait to read Julie's book. I always want to help out a new author or a new mystery author to be specific as that is my favorite genre and I will spread the word of Julie's book to my online friends and to my neighborhood book club as well.

    Thank you.
    Cynthia B.

    1. Cynthia- best of luck with contest and thank you for your lovely comments!

    2. Cynthia, these Mashups can really work the brain. If I don't write down the titles as they should, I have a problem when I go to post the answers because even I can't unmash some of them! LOL