Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ready to learn about a new old series?

Today I am featuring a new old series 
that I've never read. 

The Figure Skating Mystery series 
by author Alina Adams

I've never read this series. Not sure if it's exactly a cozy, but it looks good. 

There are 5 books in this series.

Figure skating is a cutthroat world. At the finals of the World Figure Skating Championships Ladies' competition in San Francisco, Rebecca "Bex" Levy, figure-skating researcher for the 24/7 network, learns that a triple-triple combination turning into a triple-double isn't the only tragedy. The Russian skater wins the gold over America's sweetheart - and the judge who cast the deciding vote is found dead the next day.

Thirteen-year-old Jeremy Hunt could be the future of figure skating. He's got a winning smile, flawless technique, and more talent than most skaters twice his age. So when his strangely protective father refuses to let him go to the Nationals, Rebecca "Bex" Levy - up-and-coming figure-skating researcher for the 24/7 network - knows there's a better story off the ice than on. And just as she's uncovering a sordid scandal, a past champion is murdered.

When a Russian figure skating coach collapses during a practice and is pronounced dead, reporter Bex Levy has a hunch it's cold-blooded murder--on ice.

At a Nationals practice session, an abandoned baby and a murdered ice-dancing champion throw the skating world-and television researcher Bex Levy-for a triple loop.

Bex Levy is shooting footage of veteran coach and skater Lucian Price for a tribute piece when he takes a bad fall-and dies. It seems to just be a tragic accident, until Bex discovers that his skates had been tampered with.

Have you read this one?

These titles are not available in paperback. Check you local and online used booksellers. 

 All titles are available on Nook in a five in 
one book set and 
Kindle in a five in one set as well as separately "Enhanced Multimedia Edition” that takes the unprecedented stop of including professional skating videos by the Ice Theatre of New York to help tell the story.  

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Answer to Whodunit Wednesday


   Sherman edged his considerable bulk between Harmon Grove and the briefcase. Then, like a quarterback, he tucked the leather briefcase under his arm and lurched around to the far side of the table. "The will is in here."

   "You're crazy," Harmon shouted. "Don't open that. It's private. 

   Sherman was already rummaging through the miscellaneous files and papers. "Ah, what do you know! Here it is!" And with a flourish, Sherman pulled out the signed document. 

   "I don't know why Jacob cut you out of his will, Harmon, old man. Had he lived another week, he might have put you back in. It must have seemed very arbitrary and unjust. So, you just pretended the will was missing."

   Anna's mouth was agape. "How do you know that?"

   "Harmon said he was in the new will, but that couldn't be true. Harmon, you see, signed as a witness. And, as he himself told me, you can't witness a will in which you inherit."  

LOL I sure guessed that wrong!

Did you guess this one?

Check back next Wednesday for another exciting case!



  1. Thanks for featuring my Figure Skating Mystery series, much appreciated!

  2. I keep missing whodunit clues, lately!? Gotta get back on track...

  3. This is one of my favorite series and yes they are cozy. Loved all the skating backstage drama. Wish there were more.