Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Interview and Giveaway
with author Jennifer L. Hart

Jennifer L. Hart is the author of the Misadventures of the Laundry Hag Mysteries and The Damaged Goods Mystery series. 

Her newest title in The Damaged Good series, 
FINAL NOTICE released today (June 10).

To celebrate, Jennifer is giving away a copy of 
FINAL NOTICE and a little extra surprise to one lucky winner!

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at the end of the interview

LKBR: Hi Jennifer. Thank you for taking the time to chat.

JLH: Thanks so much for having me here, Lisa!

LKBR: You write The Misadventures of the Laundry Hag mystery series. How did you come up with the series? And where did the Laundry Hag name come from?

JLH: Pure, undiluted frustration, LOL. We were a military family, both of my children were born at NAS hospitals, one in California and the other in Virginia so we moved, often. During the last move I was alone with a not quiet two year old and a four year old and a mountain of stuff to unpack in our new house. This was after packing up and moving out of the old one. I was tired and wished I had someone to do the dirty work for me. Then I got to thinking, yeah but then she’d see all my dirty laundry. That’s where it began.

As for the name, well I’d actually called myself that during one off the cuff rant. I was feeling particularly self-deprecating and put upon and it sort of stuck.

LKBR: Not only do the books have a great mystery, but a lot of humor. Which aspect is easier for you to write?

JLH: The humor, definitely. That’s more natural for me, especially because I know these characters so well, inside and out. I know what Maggie will say next, how Neil will respond and so on. Most of the time I have no idea whodunit until I’m most of the way through the book.

LKBR: Can you give us a sneak peek of what Maggie will be facing in the next installment?

JLH: Cleaning out an estate for a recently departed friend’s aunt. Who was a hoarder. Her personal life is always complicated, and she can’t help but meddle in her friends’ lives as well.

LKBR: Mysteries aren’t the only thing you’ve written. What other genres and which do you prefer to write?

JLH: I’ve also written, science fiction romance and BDSM romance. Chalk it up to a phase, mystery is where I belong.


LKBR: You’ve been working on a new series and the first book FINAL NOTICE is now available. What is this new series about?

JHL: Well, post laundry hag I wanted to create something a little edgier, something with more opportunity for hijinks and mayhem—

JP: And you succeeded! Edgy, sassy, smart and savvy, I go by many names!

LKBR: Jackie from The Damaged Goods series has joined us. 
Hi Jackie. Thank you for joining us. Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself.

JP: Be happy to! I’m Jackie Parker, a certified process server operating out of my hometown of Miami, Florida. I used to work for a lousy lecherous estate lawyer but he made one too many grabs for my “assets” so I had to serve him my notice. Now I work with my husband Luke and Luke’s brother, the bane of my existence, Logan. We run a property management team, Damaged Goods. Basically, property owners hire us to help resolve disputes they have with their tenants.

LKBR: How do you think Jennifer does in telling your story?

JP: Stellar! Well, with a few glaring exceptions, because way too many of my favorite outfits get ruined.

LKBR: What are you hoping Jennifer will have you doing in future books? Does she listen to your ideas?

JP: I don’t give her much of a choice, I tend to squeeze in, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. J Hmm, I’d like to go on vacation somewhere cold. Being born and raised in the Magic City I’ve never seen snow, or mountains. And target practice, we’ll use, Logan. He won’t mind.

LKBR: Jennifer, I ask all my guests this next question. What are three things you would like readers to know about you?

JLH: I start every day with a cup of coffee and end it with a glass of wine. I’m a reader first, and I write to support my reading habit.

LKBR: Is there anything else either of you ladies would like to share?

JP: Nachos! Let’s get a big party platter and a pitcher of margaritas and just hang out.

JLH: Sorry Jackie, we’ve got work to do. They can see more of you in Final Notice.

She's serving up mayhem in the Magic City....

 Dishing out bad news is Jackie Parker's job. So when her boss grabs her assets one time too many, she serves him her notice and hopes he chokes on it. There must be a better way for a certified process server to make a living in Miami than working for a lousy lecherous lawyer. Whatever Jackie decides, her number one priority is to spend time with her husband, Luke, preferably without his brother Logan--AKA the Dark Prince.

Despite Logan's objections, Luke asks her to join forces in their own property management team, Damaged Goods. Drawing the line between professional and personal lives proves challenging, especially when Logan serves her an ultimatum--tell Luke the truth about what really happened the night they first met, or he will. Sexual harassment is looking better and better.

Fester Gomez is three months behind on the rent for his pricey South Beach condo and Damaged Goods is on the job. Either they convince the tenant to pay up or he'll face eviction. The simple task turns deadly when the team discovers Gomez missing and a Jane Doe slowly decomposing in his bathtub. Serving a killer up to justice, wrestling family secrets--it's just another day on the job for Damaged Goods.
ISBN-10: 1499516592
ISBN-13: 978-1499516593

Thanks Lisa, next time I’ll keep a better reign on my imaginary friends.
JP: Spoilsport. Later, alligator!

LKBR: Thank you both so much.

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